Case Study Pampa Style

Pampa Style is a company that offers dried flowers arrangements, pampas grass and a wide variety of bouquets.


*Creation of an ad strategy
*Advertising management
*Copywriting and visual content creation for social ads
*Creation of a sales funnel strategy
*Landing page optimization advice

Niche: Dried flowers and home accessories.

Problem: Increase the turnover of pampas, a product more likely to sell during the summer season. Use advertising during off-peak periods and work on customer retention. In addition, the brand was coming out of a bad experience with a service provider where the advertising budget exploded and where the returns on investment were unfortunately not there.

Goal: Increase sales and customer retention throughout the year on e-commerce.



Case study Pampa Style Cabiine Social Media Marketing

Our solution

We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to find the right arguments that would make them want to buy the products. This investigation, carried out by experts, is essential to find how to meet the real expectations of your customers.

Then we studied in depth the performance of the website in order to solve problems related to orders and the general customer path process (in collaboration with Pampa Style).

In order to attract more people and increase sales through advertising, we built a complete TOF (top of the funnel),  MOF (middle of the funnel) and BOF (bottom of the funnel) sales funnel, with different audiences, designs and upsell and cross-sell offers, etc. The good way to find the best sales funnel for the brand. 

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