Case study Gutsy

Gutsy Kombucha is a kombucha made from good ingredients in Montreal. 


*Social media management
*Advertising management
*Content creation 
*Support to the global digital strategy
*Create a sales funnel strategy.

Niche:  Kombucha, healthy drink.

Problem: How to spread the right message to the right people through interactive content. Attract B2B. Retain an existing audience.

Goal: Grow the social media community to get more impact in the kombucha’s market and beat out competitors within this industry.

Our solution: We developed an engaging Social Media Marketing plan based on interactive social media content through instagram stories, reels, and posts. The challenge was to continue to establish a foothold in the market after the summer. A drink like kombucha can be more associated with good weather and heat, but we reminded the audience of the brand’s values so that the product fits over time rather than according to the seasons. Ecological, friendly, healthy, local production, these factors have attracted the public, which has had a great influence on the company’s economic results.

We also defined and executed a complete advertising strategy based on meta-ads, to attract the customer’s attention through interactive content that presented the brand values and the benefits of kombucha. All topics came with different content formats to capture leads and increase long term retention through newsletter. 

Finally, we reviewed and created a solid sales funnel strategy to serve the right message to the right audience while giving them a great brand experience.

Case study Gutsy Cabiine Social Media Marketing
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