SMM for dummies

5 reasons to outsource your Social Media Marketing

If you’re a CEO thinking about leaving your Social Media Marketing to the experts, here’s why you should!

An important task of Social Media Marketing is to create high value content for members of your community to recommend the content to their own network. 

It’s the quality and originality of the information spread that will improve the visibility of the brand or company with a targeted community.

Stop struggling to attract cold audiences to your website. Secondly, let us build a nice ecosystem on your social networks so that people want to go to your website because they like your philosophy and your products!

It’s a lot of work, but we’re here to:

1- Saving you time

Yes! We know you’re in a hurry but still want to control what’s happening in your communication sector!

So, we take the time to analyze your needs to target your objectives in order to create SMM solutions for you. 

This means that our team takes charge of how you present yourself to your community. 

In short, you will no longer have to think about creating content on your social networks, monitoring your ads, analyse your tracking, create your marketing strategies, take care of your reputation, because we put our expertise at your service.

2- Competitive intelligence

We watch your niche very closely so that you have the best strategy on the market! 

That is to say, that we monitor trends in your sector to adjust your content and keep you in first position. 

Finally, you will be able to forget the work of research, collection and analysis of data. Outsourcing your SMM acts effectively in this monitoring area and guarantees that you stand out from your competitors and remain competitive.

3- Lower the costs

One of the big advantages of outsourcing your SMM is that you can finally reduce your personnel costs. 

Consequently, this solution will allow you to allocate a stable budget to your strategies. You won’t have to pay for the training of a marketing team, nor having to manage possible absences or resignations.

4- Retain your clients

When the target is hit, the interest of internal marketing teams tends to fade as they move on to another project or chase another client for your business. 

But are they working hard to keep that customer?

We, however, are specialized in customer retention. That is to say that we pay attention to them and we re-engage them so that they do not forget you. 

Thanks to retargeting campaigns, customer segmentations, data, your customers will be by your side for a very long time!

5-Combine all trades

Get out of your comfort zone and think ‘out of the box’! 

It’s time to take advantage of it because your CABIINE team offers you a service of videos, photos, creation of multimedia and editorial content, storytelling, advertising, strategy and networks of influence, all in the same office.

 A variety of trades that will make you go further

That’s why it’s wise to rely on a Social Media Marketing studio like CABIINE! Considering, that we are as accomplices as an internal team but more experienced and without the inconvenience.