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Never let your Social Media Marketing (SMM) distract you from focusing on your e-commerce business goals!

Your flight plan in 4 little steps

1. All about you

The main goal is to get to know your company and understand your current situation. We need to dive into your business vision, study the goals you want to achieve, take a closer look at your current results (social media ads, social media presence, community loyalty, website activity). It is important to define your pain points to find tangible solutions.

2. How can we help

Our duty is to do a thorough analysis of your online presence to make sure we can help! Our experienced team takes care of everything: your performance-driven social ads strategy, social media management, reviewing your email marketing process, creating or redesigning your website and landing pages, developing your brand ambassador strategy, and much more!

3. We got you!

After the second step, our team brainstorm about your brand in order to find the best performance-based and social media marketing solutions that match your business profile and your needs.

The goal is to optimize the instruments we could put in place to make you shine and increase your return on investment.

Based on what we’ve seen, we determine a personalized performance-based and social media marketing plan that meets and exceeds your goals by skyrocketing your company’s market share.

4. Here we go...

This final step brings us even closer to you! We draw the keys to your success based on the expectations of customers in your sector, the type of potential clients interested in your business and on the study of your competitors’ performance.

After we’ve built the foundation by setting up your accounts and preparing the complete action plan: ad strategy, content, copy, pixel, funnel, visuals, offer, SEO and planning! You can sit back and enjoy the flight!

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Your e-commerce at the center of our world

For more than 5 years, our mission is to quickly understand your needs to identify your goals in order to translate them into effective Social Media Marketing (SMM) actions! That’s it!

Our team of experts has been supporting the main e-commerce actors for years to ensure significant performance-driven results through social media marketing

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